Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to my blog

Just getting everything set to begin with, a lot more coming your way soon. ForStaar is my musical stage name so I can publish my craft to the web anonymously. If you want to know where I got the name, listen to Patton Oswalt's joke; Great Food Is Cooked by Psychos. Right Here

I'm 19 and studying in Tokyo right now. I'm from the States. I started making music in Fruity Loops about three years ago. Since then I've started playing the guitar. I'm working on a debut EP of around 5 tracks mainly to get as much constructive criticism as possible. The genres that I'm aiming for are; Progressive Rock, Electronic, Dubstep, Psychedelic, Hip Hop, and Chiptune. Hoping to mix it up in new and creative ways.

Gonna try to keep this blog updated with fragments of music, photos of Tokyo, stories, Japanese lessons, maybe some music lessons too, although I'm still a beginner when it comes to music.

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

PS: Thanks for the heads up, I think the link is fixed.


  1. Nice track, look forward to hearing more!

  2. Hey

    Love the look of your blog, keep the posts coming :)

    I've always wanted to live in Japan for a year or two, just one of those dreams of life.

    Following and supporting.

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  4. Hey bro just a heads up, you might want to change the url of your link, at the moment its pointing to "" which results in a Not Found error from blogger. I think you just want it to be

    Sorry I deleted the previous comment cos I hadnt posted the url properly :P